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Student Storage

How can self storage support college students? College life is full of transitions—from moving into dorms to switching apartments between semesters or studying abroad. All these changes can make managing your belongings a bit of a logistical challenge. Self storage offers a flexible and affordable solution, providing a secure space for furniture, textbooks, seasonal clothing, and more during summer breaks or while transitioning to new living arrangements. Explore how our storage units are perfectly suited to meet the unique needs of college students. With a variety of unit sizes and convenient features, Pioneer Valley Storage the smart choice for students in the area.

Find a Pioneer Valley Storage Location Close to Your Campus or Residence

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Colleges/Universities Near Pioneer Valley Storage in Amherst, MA

From your college years to beyond, Pioneer Valley Storage has short-term and long-term solutions to help you navigate the unexpected. As you are taking on your studies in the area, lean on one of our nearby self storage facilities in Amherst, Hadley, or Hatfield for a secure storage space. Our three locations most conveniently serve students at the following colleges/universities:

Amherst CollegeHampshire CollegeMount Holyoke College | Smith CollegeUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst

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Advantages of Additional Self Storage Space for College Students

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Downsizing: If moving from a larger apartment to a smaller one or into a shared living situation, students can use storage units to keep items that won’t fit in the new, smaller space.

Gap Year or Internships: Those taking a gap year or participating in internships away from campus can store their possessions safely and access them once they resume their studies or return from internships.

Organization: Storage units help keep non-essential items out of cramped student living spaces, making for a more organized and less cluttered study environment.

Study Abroad: For students spending a semester abroad, self storage provides a secure spot to store personal belongings and furniture until they return, eliminating the need to pay rent for unoccupied living space.

Summer Storage: Instead of hauling dorm room furnishings, books, and seasonal clothing back home over the summer, students can use a storage unit to keep their items close to campus, saving both time and transportation costs.

Self storage is not just a short-term option; it can also help you handle long-term storage situations and provide flexibility to adjust to changing needs over time. Pioneer Valley Storage offers month-by-month leases to allow tenants to  Discover more benefits of renting student storage year-round!


What Storage Unit Size Should You Rent?

For college students, the most suitable self storage units often depend on a few key factors including size, cost, accessibility, and the specific needs they might have based on their academic and living situations. Small storage units, 5×5 and 5×10, are about the size of a small closet or half a bathroom, making them ideal for storing items like seasonal clothing, books, small furniture (desk, chair, etc.), and boxes of personal belongings. They are cost-effective for students who typically don’t have a lot of belongings and are just looking for some extra space. For students who may be sharing a unit with a roommate or have larger items such as living room furniture or multiple large appliances, a medium-sized unit offers ample space without being too large. This size, about 10×10, can comfortably fit contents from a standard dorm room or a small apartment. Talk to the experts at Pioneer Valley Storage to see what size will best fit your belongings and your budget, or check out our online storage calculator for a quick sizing recommendation.


Stay Organized for Your Semester with Pioneer Valley Storage

As semesters come to an end, it is time for college students to start considering storage the break. Instead of bringing all your belongings home with you just to unpack them again in the fall, rent a nearby storage unit to keep everything close to school! Throughout our three facilities, Pioneer Valley Storage offers many convenient options for students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst College, Hampshire College, Smith College, and Mount Holyoke College. Rent one of our indoor or drive-up storage units today, or get yourself an outdoor parking space to hold your vehicle. Secure your self storage online today!

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