Create More Space in Your Home with Self Storage

If your home needs more space, self storage might be the answer for you. Renting a self storage unit can help declutter the space in your home by providing a secure area to store your extra belongings. No matter the size of your storage load or the duration of your rental, you have local, budget-friendly solutions close by. Learn how to reorganize the space in your home with Pioneer Valley Storage, and set up your own self storage unit with one of our three locations!

How to Declutter and Organize Your Living Space

Not sure where to start when it comes to organizing your home? Take some time out of each week and focus on decluttering. Reclaim control by assessing the items in one room at a time, allowing you to not only improve your physical environment but also boost mental wellbeing! Now is an excellent opportunity for transformation – so don’t wait any longer!

Don’t Let Out-of-Season Clothing Take Over Your Closet

If you’re like most people, your closet is full of clothes that you don’t wear. Maybe it’s because they don’t fit anymore or they’re not in style. Whatever the reason, if a piece of clothing has been in storage for more than six months and hasn’t seen the light of day during that time, it’s probably time to let go. You can always donate these items to charity or sell them on eBay—but if those options aren’t feasible for some reason (or if you just want an excuse to get rid of some stuff), storing them in self storage is another option. 

Don’t Let Seasonal Decorations Clutter Your Home

When you have a lot of seasonal decorations, it can be hard to find room for them in your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to store your holiday decorations and other seasonal items in self storage while they aren’t being used. When you’re storing Christmas decorations, think about whether or not you want to hang up lights outside as well as indoors. If so, consider getting some extra space from Pioneer Valley Storage so that all of those lights can fit. 

Store Extra Furniture Like a Pro

If you have some extra furniture lying around the house, but don’t want it taking up valuable floor space right now (or ever), consider storing it instead! This could be anything from an old sofa that needs refurbishing before bringing back into use again; or perhaps even something as large as an antique chest of drawers which is too big for any single room but still has sentimental value—either way there are plenty of reasons why someone might decide they would rather store than sell their unwanted items.

Pioneer Valley Storage in Hatfield, MA

Looking for a convenient and secure place to store your items? Pioneer Valley Storage is the answer! With three locations around Amherst and Hatfield, MA, we offer an array of specialized storage units to accommodate whatever you need—from climate-controlled storage to drive-up access, or parking spaces suited for RVs and boats.

Our easy online storage rentals allow you rent a unit today and move right on in–no hassle required. Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Allow us to help with our handy storage calculator that will determine which type of space works best for your needs. Rent your storage space online through Pioneer Valley Storage today!

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